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CleanHouse101.com was not actually supposed to be a ‘real’ website. My intentions on setting this up were only to use it as an example for my website design business.

However, within 2 short weeks of setting it up, I began getting emails from people saying how much my information has helped them and they wanted me to finish the website and add more information.

I didn’t really plan to start a blog on my website, either, but someone made me aware it would be the best for my website – and to help more people … so … what you will notice that the first few pages of my website may run together in the same days. This is because I had actually started a blog for those people that requested it on a public blog. I will be in the process of transferring all of those articles over to my private blog, where my cleanhouse101.com website is within a few days, when I get the time. From there, I will be caught up and try adding more information on a consistent basis.

So, now, here I am … I’ve added quite a few more pages to my http://www.cleanhouse101.com website and I’m just now getting a blog set up on my own website. I’ll try to post some ‘extra’ cleaning jobs to help you even more (when time permits)

I never meant to add as much information as this, but the response from others has given me such amusement. I am getting a kick out of actually helping people with the same problem that I had. I know I never would have guessed that people would be interested in this website.

So, now I guess I’m helping anyone that needs help and is interested in reading more. Imagine that … me, a former packrat and shopaholic, can actually help other people in the same situation – Wow! Whooda ever thunk it??? 🙂

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